La Santa Sport – Training Camp

I have just returned from twelve days at La Santa Sport – Lanzarote . I trained with a mixed team of masters swimmers from various clubs under the direction of coach Tim . It’s always different to swim with a new coach and also with new team mates . What FUN we had . The training was two two hour sessions each day in the outdoor 50 m pool . The sessions were very different from my usual sessions at Swiss Cottage but sometimes different is good . Each day my routine was up 7 am ish breakfast ( porridge and coffee) training 9-11am , another small breakfast , then relax around the leisure pool then another pre training snack around 4pm and back in the pool 5-7pm . The day  was finished off with a chilled evening of great company and good food . The main aim for me of the training camp was to swim lots , eat well , relax and regain my enthusiasm for swimming . It was a great success , I swam a total distance of 88,400k in twelve days . Most days I swam between 9,5-10k , I did take a few sessions off in order for my body to recover . I had slight pain in my right shoulder but received excellent physio care from my room-mate Judy  ( very handy) . I am now back training at Swiss cottage and also the Lido , my first lake swim this year is in ten days , BLDSA Wykenham Lake 5 K , I am excited at the moment ( this may change nearer the date ) watch this space

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Feeling flat !

After my adventures in South Africa I was so very happy to be back home , training at Swiss Cottage and the Lido . I have only trained a few sessions last week due to working up north , so am feeling pretty flat in the water . I did manage two Lido swims at the weekend which always makes me feel much better
This mornings session at Swiss with coach Dave was a challenge plus the water felt so so hot !

I am off to La Santa on Thursday for 11 days of hard training pool and sea also plenty of sun rest and FUN

Can’t wait and will endeavour to update this blog

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Race cancelled

Unfortunately due to high winds and huge swell the Cadiz FReedom Swim Robben Island to Blouberg( Cape Town) was cancelled . There was an alternative race swiftly organised for the next day 10k at Big bay however after eating some … Continue reading

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Test swim ….. Disaster ….. Lost goggles from my head in the surf trying to get out to swim at Camps Bay …… Ist spare is with my pilot as is 2nd spare pair so now starting the race tomorrow in brand new pool goggles ….. As long as I make it through the surf I’ll be fine – training needed on swimming in the surf !!!

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Blouberg , Cape Town

Arrived here all OK , managed to sleep for about six hours on the flight so feeling good . There is only one hour time difference so no jet lag which is good

The hotel we are staying in overlooks the stetch of water we will be swimming, doesn’t look to far !

Yesterday I met the other ‘supper swimmers’ all very young fast and competitive !!!!! We also had the swim briefing which was very detailed and nothing too scary . Had a chat with a young man who is swimming and swam last year who lost his leg from the knee down from a shark attack – but on the other side of Cape Town – the warmer side !!!! Apparently the stretch of water we’ll be swimming in is too cold for the sharks !!!!

The weather forecast isn’t great for Saturday sunny but very windy, what will be will be 🙂 I met Anton who will be my pilot and talked through about my feeds, route , boat positioning and he seems a confident chap which eases some worries.

Today we have a 30 min swim then lunch and some media !!!!! 

Updates soon 

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My journey begins

So far this week I have tried to focus on my final few swims rather than the race ahead !
I feel my body is rested but my mind is racing , I will calm down once I see the stretch of water I will swim across . My bags are packed , I have checked in online and I am ready . The next 48 hours or so are going to be exciting , stressful and definitely out of my comfort zone – that’s what’s it’s all about !
Will try to blog from Cape Town

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Sea swim v lido/ lake swim …..

Swimming this morning in the Lido I felt as if I was a foot lower in the water !!! The buoyancy in the sea is great it allows your body to sit ‘high’ in the water and it makes me feel like I am swimming on the surface , reduced resistance and it makes it much easier to perform good technique !

I swam nice and easy this morning just keeping my muscles ticking over , tomorrow I will do a session indoors and another short Lido swim …… Taper time , Happy Days 🙂

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