Blouberg , Cape Town

Arrived here all OK , managed to sleep for about six hours on the flight so feeling good . There is only one hour time difference so no jet lag which is good

The hotel we are staying in overlooks the stetch of water we will be swimming, doesn’t look to far !

Yesterday I met the other ‘supper swimmers’ all very young fast and competitive !!!!! We also had the swim briefing which was very detailed and nothing too scary . Had a chat with a young man who is swimming and swam last year who lost his leg from the knee down from a shark attack – but on the other side of Cape Town – the warmer side !!!! Apparently the stretch of water we’ll be swimming in is too cold for the sharks !!!!

The weather forecast isn’t great for Saturday sunny but very windy, what will be will be 🙂 I met Anton who will be my pilot and talked through about my feeds, route , boat positioning and he seems a confident chap which eases some worries.

Today we have a 30 min swim then lunch and some media !!!!! 

Updates soon 


About swimmingnuala

Current Open Water Swimmer , Qualified ASA Teacher & Coach , former British International Distance freestyler , current Masters Record Holder GB & European . I am currently Teaching swimming at all levels Children and Adults , Coaching swimmers at all levels Children and Adults. I also coach swimmers who are new to Open Water swimming. My committment and enthusiasm for swimming is never ending and I am always willing to share
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