Test swim ….. Disaster ….. Lost goggles from my head in the surf trying to get out to swim at Camps Bay …… Ist spare is with my pilot as is 2nd spare pair so now starting the race tomorrow in brand new pool goggles ….. As long as I make it through the surf I’ll be fine – training needed on swimming in the surf !!!


About swimmingnuala

Current Open Water Swimmer , Qualified ASA Teacher & Coach , former British International Distance freestyler , current Masters Record Holder GB & European . I am currently Teaching swimming at all levels Children and Adults , Coaching swimmers at all levels Children and Adults. I also coach swimmers who are new to Open Water swimming. My committment and enthusiasm for swimming is never ending and I am always willing to share
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One Response to Disaster

  1. Ania says:

    Got your update that swim didn’t happen because of strong winds. Keep going, keep calm and don’t worry about the young competitive types – talk is easy! Re sharks – see, nothing to worry about as long as you’re in freezing water!! 🙂

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